Foredom K.1053 Dual Handpiece Micromotor Kit – Rotary (Brushless) and Hammer Handpiece (Brush-Type)


This kit combines the powerful Foredom 1050 series micromotor with a hammer handpiece used for stone setting and engraving. The Foredom 1050 series micromotor kit is the most impressive rotary product in our catalog. These units are very popular among those who take their craft seriously. The unit’s brushless design not only adds to longevity, from an engineering standpoint, it enables this unit to obtain much higher rpm and power than many other rotary tools. In addition to obtaining an impressive 50,000 rpm, the Foredom 1050 is surprisingly powerful at low rpm applications as well. This wide range of power and functionality makes the Foredom 1050 a highly versatile work-horse of a machine.



Information from the Manufacturer:

Dual Port K.1050 Series Micromots:

  • High Speed: smooth, clean, and sharp detailing in metal and wood. It’s also great for bright-cutting, grinding, finishing, texturing, and polishing. You never need to changes the brushes on this handpiece.
  • Medium Speed: ideal for effortless and fast stock removal in wood, diestone, or acrylics
  • Low Speed: extra control and power for stone setting and milling.


  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Brushless means you NEVER change motor brushes
  • Maximum Torque or Watts Output 10 oz. in or 70mNm or 230W– even at minimum speeds
  • Sealed housing eliminates dust, noise, and vibration
  • One port on back of control box for Brushless Handpiece and One on front for Brush Type Micromotor Handpiece

HP4-817 Control Box with LED

  • 50/60 Hz, 100VA, 5.4″ wide, 9.1″ deep, 7″ high with built in overload protection
  • Dials set precise speed and torque, auto cruise, forward or reverse rotation, dial or foot speed control
  • Digital display for precise speed and torque settings

    H.MH-150 Brushless Handpiece/Motor:
  •  6.3″ long, 1.06″ motor diameter, .75″ grip diameter, 8.4 oz/237.7 gr., 115 volt
  • Ergonomic and brushless with long-lasting ceramic ball bearings
  • Quick and easy bur changeswith a simple twist of the front of the Handpiece
  • Chose from 2.35mm (3/32″) or 1/8″ collet.

HPMH-011 Brush type Hammer Handpiece/Motor Specifications and Features:

  • 6-1/4″ overall length, 9/16″ grip diameter, 1″ motor diameter, 13oz/369 gr., 1.5 amps (115V) .75 amps (230V)
  • This Hammer Action micromotor is ideal for stone setting applications and engraving techniques. It has a slender contoured grip and impact adjustment ring for precise hammering work.
  • Operates from 0-2,500 strokes per minute. The force of the impact of the MH-011 reciprocating handpiece can be adjusted from light to full by turning the metal ring while the motor is off or
  • running. The speed of the hammer action can also be varied from 0-2,500 strokes per minute with the dial on the control unit. Used with the supplied Graver Holder, the handpiece becomes a precision power engraver- no need for an air compressor or a flexible shaft drive.

Handpiece Accessories:

  • 3-Anvil Points with Threaded Shanks p/n HP10177K
  • 1-Adapter for Threaded Anvil Point p/n HPH8-32 (installed)
  • 1-Adapter for Non-Threaded Shank Accessories p/n HPH8-35
  • 1-Graver Holder with Allen Key p/n HPH8-214. Screws into the front end of the handiece and converts it into a power engraving tool. Comes with 5/64″ allen key (graver not included).
  • 1-5mm Open End Wrench p/n HPH8-38, Accessory Tray p/n A-AT-1, Handpiece Cradle p/n HP4-933, Spare Motor Brushes p/n HP813514, 2 Pins used to tighten Anvil Points, 1-Anvil Point Holder used for shaping the point.

HP7-7060 Foot Speed Control 

  • Variable speed foot control works with control box HP4-717. Varies speed from 1,000 – 50,000 RPM.






Additional information

Weight 187.2 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 9.1 × 7 in
Collet Size

3/32 Inch (2.35mm) Collet, 1/8 Inch Collet, Both 3/32 Inch and 1/8 Inch Collets


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