Commercial Electric Sharpener

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Commercial Electric Sharpener by Tru Hone.
Three sharpening steps. Step 1-Grinds the bevel-consistently develops an equal bevel on both sides of the blade. Step 2-Sets the edge-perfects and strengthens the cutting edge created by the bevels. Step 3-Honing-finishes the edge to a final razor sharpness and eliminates any remaining imperfections in the cutting edge. Takes less than one minute to put a perfect edge on a blade versus an average of 12 minutes using traditional sharpeners. The Tru Hone Sharpening System can also add up to 50% to the life of a knife because it removes as little metal as necessary to produce a sharp edge. Stainless case is easy to clean.

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  • Part No./Model: BL-THLC
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  • Manufactured by: Misc.

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