Detail Master Dagger III - 50 watts max.

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Please Note: Detail Master will no longer return phone calls since they were bought out. We assume they have gone out of business. We are selling our remaining rare inventory until it runs out. We will notify you if quantities are no longer available when you place your order.

Detail Master Dagger III - 50 watts max. Model 8421 This system can deliver up to 50 watts, depending upon the load you give it. We recommend that you do not exceed 50 watts. This unit has a fast recuperative power but not as fast as the SABRE IV system. A convenient jack port is located on the front face of the units where you can plug in standard, vented or replaceable tip handpieces. The two handed old style gripper clamp is replaced with a one hand scabbard to hold the pen. This system can handle 80% of the pens but it may not have enough power for the extra long or heavy wire pens. All recuperative powers and heat adequacy is based on the transformer power within. The Dagger III system is great for pyrographic art as well as detailing feathers on a bird carving. NOTE: There aren't any pens included with the set. We assume that you will select the pens you wish from our large inventory For more information about this produce, download the Detail Master Dagger III User's Manual. There are four pen-type options for use with this unit: Standard Fixed Tip Burning Pens Vented Fixed Tip Burning Pens Or Purchase Replaceable Tips for use with either the Standard or Vented Replaceable Tip Handpiece Also, check out the new Special Tip Pens and Copper Tip Circle Pens Note: Download pdf versions of Detail Master unit owners manuals and learn more about Detail Master pen options on the Detail Master Burning System overview.

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  • Part No./Model: 8421-DAGR
  • ISBN:
  • MPN: 8421-DAGR
  • Manufactured by: Detail Master

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