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  Proxxon MICRO Screwdrivers

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Proxxon MICRO Screwdrivers

Proxxon MICRO Screwdrivers. Miniature screwdrivers for electronics, cameras, jewelry, mechanics and model builders. Each driver has a fixed place in the practical holder. May be used as desktop stand or attached to wall. Shafts of high alloy Nickel-Chrome-Molybdenum (SAE 8660) for maximum hardness and toughness. Chromed with brinelled tip. The ergonomically formed plastic handles are oil and impact resistant. The revolving top and finger mold improve ease of use.
Model : 28148 Manufacturer : Proxxon
  Proxxon MICROFLAM Burner MFB/E

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Proxxon MICROFLAM Burner MFB/E

Proxxon MICROFLAM Burner MFB/E. Super fine flame shape. Rechargeable with standard lighter fuel. For soldering, removing alu solder, brazing, heating of work pieces, baking and tinning. Ideal for model-building, electronics, jewelry design and repairs, dental laboratories, stained glass. The removable foot ensures stability on the worktop. Individually controllable gas and air supply. For finest flames and temperatures up to 2,192 °F/ 1,200 °C. The tank contents of 50cc is sufficient for approximately 60 minutes operation with normal flame. For safety reasons the torch is delivered with-out gas.
Model : 28146 Manufacturer : Proxxon